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  1. Family Ties - $43,500.00
  2. Team Barr - $43,209.00
  3. Team Rubackin - $39,524.00
  4. OMD - $37,864.00
  5. Got Kidneys? - $34,292.00
  6. Team Podolsky - $27,265.00
  7. Mighty Atlas Team - $25,055.00
  8. TEAM MOUNT SINAI - $21,126.00
  9. Schneider Electric - $20,920.00
  10. NKF HQ Kidney Crew - $20,908.04
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Kidney Walk Spotlight

Danny Z (2)

Meet Danny

Even before I was born, the doctors saw a potential problem with my right kidney during a routine ultrasound.  My mom had to have a lot of ultrasounds so the doctors could keep an eye on things.  Right after I was born, the doctors checked me out, did an ultrasound on me, and gave me the all clear.  Everyone thought I was healthy and had two normal kidneys.  That lasted for seven weeks.

Read more about Danny’s incredible experience here and find out what he’s doing to give back to the kidney community.



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