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How does my fundraising help?

The money you raise for the National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk will ensure that we continue our mission of helping the millions with kidney disease. About 79 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to vital NKF programs and services, including:

  • Kidney Disease Education through public awareness campaigns about risk factors and early detection, and free patient resources for patients and their families
  • Early Detection and Prevention with NKF's free community kidney health screenings and risk factor assessments
  • Advancing Clinical Care by educating healthcare professionals and developing and refining CKD guidelines for diagnosis and treatment
  • Supporting the Search for Better Treatments by funding millions of dollars into kidney-related clinical research
  • Advocating for kidney patients with better public policies that benefit kidney patients, transplant recipients, organ donors and their families
  • Promoting Organ Donation through END THE WAIT, a groundbreaking collaborative initiative to increase organ donation

How is the money used?

More than 80% of every dollar raised for the NKF goes directly to support programs and services, including early detection, education, patient assistance, professional training and research.

NKF meets the extensive standards of the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau, America's most trusted charity evaluator.

How do I create a fundraising page?

We encourage you to tell your story - how kidney disease has affected you and/or your loved ones, who you are raising money for, why you are raising money, and so on. Personalize your page with your story and photo. It's easy! Click HERE!

How much does it cost to create a fundraising page?

There is no registration fee to create a fundraising page. We ask that everyone who participates either fund-raises or makes a donation.

What does the average participant raise?

The average fundraiser raises $200. However, we are appreciative of any contribution. Remember your special fundraising occasion deserves celebrations! Set your goals high!

What are benefits of using online fundraising?

Online fundraising is designed to make your fundraising efforts more successful. Here are some of the benefits of fundraising online.

  1. Saves money on stamps by sending emails instead of solicitation letters through the mail.
  2. Keeps track of donors through the use of built-in online fundraising tools.
  3. Sends thank you notes via email upon receiving donations.
  4. Provides donors the benefit of automatic confirmation email receipts to use for tax purposes.
  5. Ability to accept credit cards so donors don't need to hassle with checks.
  6. Saves time by allowing the system to process all the data and eliminates paper work.
  7. It's fun setting up your web page!

How can my company match my funds?

Matching gifts are a great way to increase donations. Check to see if your company will match employee contributions and encourage your donors to do the same. To take part in a matching gifts program, request an application from your benefits manager or human resources department. Send the completed form to the National Kidney Foundation office, and the staff will verify receipt of your gift and complete the process.

How do I turn in donations?

Funds raised online are automatically directed to the Foundation. For funds raised offline, these can be turned in to the local National Kidney Foundation office any time of year.

Who do I make checks payable to?

Please make checks payable to The National Kidney Foundation.

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